Sunflower planting techniques

A. Sunflower planting experience

I have some experience in sunflowers planting and breeding, and I will tell you the planting technology of sunflower freely below. I hope it will be helpful to you.

1. The selection of sunflower seeds

To choose the full sunflowers seeds, so to special breeding units or sales stores to buy. Many on Taobao are old seeds, germination rate is not high.

2.Internal conditions for sunflower germination

With an intact (no insect bites), live embryo (save a year of seeds, that is, this year’s harvest, next year’s planting.) The sunflowers seeds have almost no dormant period.

3.Sunflower seedling

Seed germination of the external conditions, the appropriate temperature, a certain amount of water, sufficient air, to ensure that these three. It will be fine. Theoretically, in the Yangtze River basin, except for winter, can plant sunflowers.

B. Planting sunflower specific operation

First, sunflowers seeds should be exposed to the sun for one day to promote its sprouting.

①Soak sunflower seeds

Soak them in water at 8 p.m. and fish them up the next morning. Wrap it in a damp cloth and put it in a cool place. Make sure it is always moist and the temperature is above 15 degrees.

②Sunflower growing roots

In less than two days, there will be roots growing out, and it is time to plant sunflowers seeds into the ground or pots.

③Fertilization of sunflower

First, loosen the soil and dig down 10 cm deep. Then put some organic fertilizer (or controlled release fertilizer), and then sprinkle some fine soil (the kind of soil with smaller particles).

④Sow sunflower seeds

About 2 cm, put a sprouted sunflowers seed on top, and cover with a mixture of fine soil and organic fertilizer (or controlled-release fertilizer) for 1 to 2 cm.

⑤ Final step

Think about it first, it is watering and watering enough water.

⑥Sunflower in summer

If it is summer the sun is hot and water evaporates quickly. Remember to cover a little grass, that is, for shade.

⑦In the afternoon

If the ground is already dry, remember to water. The next day, the seedlings will grow out.

C. Sunflower seedling management

After the sunflower seedlings grow out. If the soil is not particularly dry, do not water.

①Sunflower planted in a pot

Please remember, from the time the seedlings come out. Move the pot to the sun and let the sunflower seedlings enjoy the sun’s light. This is the key to whether the sunflower can grow healthily.

D.Later management of sunflower seedlings

There is nothing special, remember two. One is to let the sunflower seedlings fully enjoy the sun. Secondly, the soil should be dry and watered in time.

E. Mid-term management

It is mainly the period from the seedling to the present bud.

(1) Sunflower gardening

Since the soil is more fertile and the sun is more abundant, the plant spacing can be a little larger.

(2) Sunflower is too dense

It will affect the photosynthesis of sunfloweres

leaves and will not achieve the desired effect. The result is a thin and slender growth.

(3) Sunflower in this period

To control the management of water. If too much will lead to sunflower growth, will also lead to some viral diseases of the danger there is aggravated, so the ground is not particularly dry or even crack need not water a lot of water.

(4) Robust sunflower

Should be short fat short fat.

(5) Sunflower leaves

If there is a small insect on the leaves. A small number of plants can be eliminated manually, a large amount should be sprayed.

(6) advice

Do not advocate spraying drops, after all, is planted to eat their own well.

Sunflower planting techniques

F. Sunflower after sowing

45 days to 50 days or so, to the sunflowers buried a fertilizer containing NPK rich. To ensure the nutrients needed for flowering and seed setting.

1. After the rain

Use a small shovel to apply sunflowers fertilizer No.2 at a place 8cm away from the roots of sunflowers, the dosage is about one fertilizer per three plants.

2.Sunflowers grown in pots on the balcony

The choice of flower pot should be as large and deep as possible.

3.Small flower pots

This has an impact on the growth and development of sunflowers. The flower pot should be at least 15 cm deep, it does not matter if it is thin. Just leave one plant per pot.

4.Sunflower planted too dense

If a very small place planted 5-6 roots, it is difficult to survive. Any creature he has to have a certain living space.

G. After the sunflower seedlings

Be sure to sunflowers pots moved to a sunny place in the sun.

1. Sunflower seedlings grow long and slender

The top leaves are white because of the lack of sunlight.

2.Sunflower placement

Do not directly on the concrete floor, it is best to use a small wood or something to build a shelf, the pot will be placed on the shelf.

3.Sunflower seedlings of the lower leaves withered

Is related to the water, water is the balcony sunflowers can be healthy growth of the key.

4.The most effective method

Dry and watering method, that is, let the sunflowers pot as dry as possible, do not give drought.

5.Sunflowers watering

Then give him a lot of water, water thoroughly as the principle. Every time, this is good for healthy growth.

6.In the hot summer

The sun is hot and the water in the pot evaporates quickly. It may be necessary to water both morning and evening to ensure their healthy growth, the visual standard. Sunflowers leaves in the morning and evening if the stiff, noon can wilt a little.

7. balcony planted sunflowers

Because of frequent watering, just like a human bath, the soil and only a little bit of nutrients are washed away. So fertilize from time to time.

Sunflower planting techniques

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