How to use compound fertilizer (2)

How to use compound fertilizer 。 Compound contains two or more large amounts of elements.especially phosphorus in the soil mobility is small.
compound fertilizer

A. Application of compound fertilizer five notes

1. After processing granulation of compound fertilizer than powder decomposition slowly, not easy to lose and volatile, fertilizer effect for a long time.

2. Crop seedlings need less nitrogen fertilizer, so for the sowing of crops with compound fertilizer as a base fertilizer.

3. Pay attention to the selection of the appropriate concentration. Generally high concentration of compound fertilizer is used on economic crops.

4. Pay attention to avoid direct contact between seeds and fertilizers or seed fertilizer mix.

5. Note the range of nutrients used. Compound fertilizer containing nitrate, do not use in leafy vegetables and water fields.

B. How to use compound fertilizer correctly.

(1) Compound has the advantages of high nutrient content, few by-products and good physical properties.

(2) It also has some disadvantages, such as its nutrient ratio is always fixed. The number and proportion of nutrient types required by different soils and crops are diverse.

(3) Therefore, it is best to conduct soil testing before use to understand the texture and nutrient status of the soil in the field.

(4) In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to the application with unit fertilizers in order to get better results.

C. According to the law of fertilizer needs of different crops, should supplemented with fast-acting nitrogen fertilizer in time when chasing fertilizer.

compound fertilizer

D. Compound fertilizer concentration varies greatly

Low concentration of total nutrients between 25%-30%, medium concentration between 30%-40%, high concentration in more than 40%.

②To be different depending on the region, soil and crop. Select the use of economic and efficient compound fertilizer.

③ When sowing, the seeds should be 5-10 cm away from the hole application and strip application of compound .

E. production to used according to the type of soil and crop type selection.

1. Compound fertilizers containing potassium chloride or chloride ions should not be used on crops or saline land that are resistant to chlorine.

2. However, compound fertilizers containing ammonium ions, therefore, should not be applied on saline land.

3. Otherwise, it will reduce the effectiveness of fertilizer and even poison the crop.

F. Compound contains two or more large amounts of elements. Phosphorus and potassium are easily fixed by the soil, especially phosphorus in the soil mobility is small. It is not easy to absorbed and used by the crop roots when applied on the surface, and it is not conducive to the deep rooting of thousands of roots. In case of drought conditions fertilizer can not be dissolved, the fertilizer effect is worse. So compound fertilizer should applied deeply to cover the soil.

compound fertilizer

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