Fertilization techniques for grapefruit

Grapefruit is a fruit that belongs to the citrus tree. It has a very large planting area in China. When planting grapefruit trees, fertilization management is most important.
Fertilization techniques for grapefruit

Grapefruit is a fruit belonging to the citrus tree. It has a very large planting area in China. When planting grapefruit trees, we need to do a good job of management. Especially the fertilization management. If the fertilization is not appropriate, then the growth of grapefruit is very unfavorable. Therefore, we must pay attention to reasonable fertilizer application when planting. So, how to fertilize grapefruit? Today I brought you the grapefruit tree fertilization techniques, let’s take a look below!

A、Base fertilizer

Grapefruit young trees are small and have young roots. Therefore, we need to apply diligently thin application. A year can be applied 5 to 6 times. For the fruiting trees generally need to apply fertilizer 4 times, that is, also sunshine fertilizer, sprouting fertilizer, stable fruit fertilizer and strong fruit fertilizer.

The base fertilizer is usually applied before and after fruit harvesting, and the amount of fertilizer applied accounts for half of the annual fertilizer application. We need to apply a lot of green manure, compost, circle manure, cake fertilizer and other late-effect fertilizers. And with fast-acting nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer.

B、Sprouting fertilizer

Germination fertilizer is also called pre-bloom fertilizer. Generally in February to March. This time, fertilization is generally based on fast-acting nitrogen fertilizer. We mainly apply human and animal manure, combined with urea as appropriate.

C、Stable fruit fertilizer

This fertilizer is generally applied in June, half a month before fruit set. Mainly apply quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer and phosphorus fertilizer. We can also apply well-rotted animal and human manure and spray calcium superphosphate 1% leaching solution.

D、Strong fruit fertilizer

Generally applied in mid to late June. The main application of fast-acting nitrogen fertilizer and phosphorus and potassium fertilizer.

E、The reasonable application of organic inorganic fertilizer

The nutrients of farmyard manure are very much, and the fertilization effect is good and stable. This is very effective in improving the soil structure. At the same time, this can help a lot to the yield and quality of grapefruit. When we apply farmyard manure, we must pay attention to fully rotten farmyard manure. However, the content of large elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in farmyard manure is relatively small and cannot meet the needs of grapefruit trees for these elements. So we should also pay attention to the appropriate application of some nitrogen and potassium, magnesium and boron and other inorganic fertilizers.

Fertilization techniques for grapefruit

F、According to the grapefruit tree fertilization

In the application of fertilizer, we must first check the age of the grapefruit tree. The age of the tree is different, the application of fertilizer is also different. Then there is also the grapefruit tree’s phenological period as well as the amount of flowers and fruits and tree potential. Decide on the type and amount of fertilizer. When the grapefruit tree is young, fertilizer needs to be applied in small amounts. Nitrogen fertilizer is the main fertilizer and phosphorus and potassium fertilizer are supplementary. To ensure the amount of branches and leaves, to achieve the purpose of stable and high yield. Then when the grapefruit tree flowering period, bud differentiation and young fruit period, we need to increase the amount of phosphorus fertilizer. If the tree is too vigorous, it is necessary to control the amount of nitrogen fertilizer application.

G、According to the growth period of grapefruit fertilization

In March, half a month before the grapefruit tree sprouts, the fertilizer is mainly nitrogen fertilizer. With the application of appropriate amounts of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer to promote the grapefruit tree to pump the spring tip. This fertilization has a great impact on the yield of grapefruit trees in the current year and the next year. Therefore, we need to apply it as early as possible. Then after the fruit gradually expand, or nitrogen fertilizer is the main, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer as a supplement. When the fruit growth period, the demand for fertilizer increases, we need to catch up with fertilizer in time. This will ensure the tree strength, to ensure that the grapefruit tree can be normal winter. Fertilizer should be mainly organic fertilizer, with the application of quick-acting fertilizer.

H、According to the soil properties of grapefruit land fertilization

When planting grapefruit trees, if the soil is red loam soil. Then fertilizer should be mainly alkaline fertilizer, do not apply acidic fertilizer. And some grass ash and lime should be properly sprinkled. The application method is based on heavy and deep application. However, we need to pay attention to control the number of times of fertilization. If it is rice soil, then we need to pay attention to multiple applications. Fertilizer is diluted or compound fertilizer with high concentration content. Prevent the loss of fertilizer nutrients and improve the utilization rate of fertilizer. Finally, we also need to carry out soil testing and fertilization. According to the nutrient content of the soil to control the amount of fertilizer application. At present, the more compound fertilizer used in the market, is produced by the Nagric company.

Fertilization techniques for grapefruit

I、Irrigation and drainage

Grapefruit tree annual evergreen, branch tip annual growth, long hanging period, large leaves and fruits, high water requirements. When we cultivate grapefruit trees, we need to ensure their moisture requirements through irrigation. When irrigating, we need to depend on the water needs of the grapefruit tree for each phenological period and the prevailing drought conditions. In general, grapefruit needs the right amount of water throughout the year.

Especially, the spring buds and flowering period and the fruit growth period are the most sensitive. Spring droughts and drought, when irrigation is necessary. Where the terrain is low and the water table is high or during the rainy season, we need to pay attention to drainage. We need to check the drainage system in the grapefruit orchard at any time before the rainy season or during the heavy rainfall season. We need to fix the drainage system in time so that the drainage is smooth and unobstructed.

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