Coconut growing technology

When the coconut is ripe, its juice is as clear as water, sweet as honey, Pingying translucent, is an excellent cool thirst-quenching product.

Fertilization techniques for grapefruit

Grapefruit is a fruit that belongs to the citrus tree. It has a very large planting area in China. When planting grapefruit trees, fertilization management is most important.

Fertilization technology of prune

For the fertilization of prune, we need to consider the soil and tree nutrient levels and the fertilizer requirement characteristics of prune.

Common fertilization methods

Irrigation fertilization is the application of fertilizer to trees through irrigation systems such as sprinkler, micro irrigation, and drip irrigation.

Mangosteen growing technology

Mangosteen is a plant with a super tropical climate, it has high nutritional value, cosmetic and medicinal value, and can prevent and fight cancer.

Growing techniques of lotus mist

Currently the main varieties cultivated in Hainan are Taiwan Black Pearl and Thai Red Diamond, with most growers choosing Thai Red Diamond Lotus Mist.

Avocado growing technology

The proper fertilization of both young and fruiting avocado trees depends on soil fertility, age of the tree, plant growth or growth and fruiting.