Key PointsWhat kind of flowers to grow indoors

There are many varieties of flowers and plants that can be grown at home, but it is important to note that they all have a suitable space for placement.
Key PointsWhat kind of flowers to grow indoors

A.Growing flowers

There are many varieties of flowers and plants that can be grown at home, but it is important to note that they all have a suitable space for placement.

B.Placement of flowers

If you don’t place them properly, the function of flowers and plants to benefit the health of the occupants will be compromised. Sometimes it will even play a counterproductive role, so it is important to divide the room for flowers and plants.

C. living room suitable in flowers and plants

Rubber tree, palm tree, monarchs, a leaf orchid, periwinkle, hanging orchids, etc., in the living room. You can show your personal taste, like the elegant and quaint available tree stump bonsai as the main scenery.

1. Grand and luxurious

Grand and luxurious available leaves larger, taller strains of Brazilian iron, etc.

2. Romantic and quiet

Like the romantic quietly can heart choose some vine plants such as perennials, thin-leaved orchids, etc.

3. Living room facing south

If the living room is facing south, you can plant some plants that like sunlight. Cyclamen, primroses, melaleuca and begonias can bloom indoors for up to 20 days.

4. Living room shade

Some shade-loving flowers and plants such as monarchs, one-leaf orchids, golden corn orchids, kidney ferns, colored leaves and so on. They can also grow vigorously.

D. Bedroom suitable flowers and plants

Cactus class, the landscape class, orchids, daffodils, betel nut and other such flowers and plants. In addition to playing a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, in the evening can also release oxygen.

(1) Increase high negative ions

Place them on the bedside table or a few shelves, or hang flower baskets from the ceiling or on the walls. All can meet the requirements of high negative oxygen ions when the owner rests at night.

(2) Bedroom space is large

If the bedroom space is large, you can put palm bamboo, betel nut, rubber tree and other larger plants.

E. Study suitable flowers and plants

Goldfish vine, hanging orchid, gargoyle, tortoise back bamboo, bamboo, etc. However, the flowers and plants in the study, so it must be able to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

①Study to increase the sense of beauty

Goldfish, hanging orchids, rock gardens and other hanging plants in the shape of a pendant, can be in the corner or from the top of the bookcase floating down. The small strains of bamboo, bamboo and other branches and leaves, placed on the desk or bookshelf is also not lack of mood.

F. Dining room suitable for flowers and plants

Ferns, cyclamen, lily of the valley, tulips, azaleas, etc. Restaurant can raise some towel type of small foliage plants, such as ferns, hanging orchids, pepper plants and other plants.

①Dining table arrangement

You can also put some plants with warm flowers on the dining table. Such as lily of the valley, tulips, daffodils, azaleas, etc., can stimulate people’s appetite.

②Dining room extra empty shelves

If the dining room has a hollow shelf cabinet or Boca shelf and so on. You can also use cactus, cactus ball, tiger plum, Jingtian and other more shade-tolerant and early plants to embellish.

G. Foyer suitable flowers

Vinca, figs, plantain, aloe vera, greenery, a leaf orchid, etc. The decorative flowers in the foyer are best placed on the shoe cabinet or hung on the wall, and plants with slender leaves and light colors but are more shade tolerant are available.

1. Can absorb the gray layer

Ivy, figs, plantain and aloe vera are natural vacuum cleaners that can also deal with harmful substances such as bacteria and dust that come in from outside. But must always remember to take them outside to the sun.

H. Suitable flowers and plants for the kitchen

There are very few plants suitable for planting in the kitchen, because the kitchen fumes are large and the general flowers and plants are afraid of fumes. Hulk, orchids, weeping plum, etc., these can absorb the smoke of the chemical plants can be useful. They can be placed in the upwind position, but also as a wall hanging decoration.

I. Bathroom suitable flowers and plants

Kidney fern, jade hairpin and other bathroom flowering plants are required to be shade tolerant and moisture resistant. You can put some ornamental foliage plants, such as kidney fern, jade hairpin, etc., in the corner or windowsill. Of course they also need to receive the gentle luster of sunlight regularly.

Key PointsWhat kind of flowers to grow indoors

J. Suitable flowers and plants for balcony

Moonflower, Vanda, Narcissus, Tulip, Nightshade, Chrysanthemum, etc. There are many flowers and plants that can be planted on balconies, on walls, top grilles, windowsills, railings and other locations. You can grow flowers and plants as long as you like.

①Small plants

Moonflowers, small pomegranates, nightshades, five-color peppers, chrysanthemums, etc., can all make their homes here. However, the height of the flowers on the window should not exceed 1/3 of the window height to avoid affecting the lighting.

K. Uses of various plants

(1) Formaldehyde removal plants

Name: aloe vera, hanging orchid, tiger tail orchid, one leaf orchid, turtle back bamboo. They are natural scavengers, can eliminate harmful substances in the air, especially in dealing with formaldehyde is quite effective.

(2) Harmful substances in the air

Ivy, ironwood, chrysanthemum, bougainvillea, moonflower, camellia, Milan, weeping plum. They are useful in resisting harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide, fluorine, chlorine, ether, ethylene, mercury vapor, lead vapor, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen peroxide.

(3) Germicidal plants

Rose, laurel, violet, jasmine, lemon, etc. However, the volatile oils produced by these aromatic flowers have a significant bactericidal effect.

(4) Air-purifying flowers

Tiger lily, tiger tail orchid, agave, dwarf orchid galangal, striped galangal, cup-shaped roots, cultivated bromeliads, etc.. These plants therefore purify the air at night and are easy to grow.

(5) Oxygen-producing flowers

Cactus, tincture lotus, cactus finger, measure of no measure, blossoms, etc. The stomata on the fleshy stems of these plants close during the day and open at night, creating oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxides. Therefore, the concentration of negative ions in the indoor air is increased.

(6) Soot-removing flowers

Orchids, osmanthus, flowering taro, red-backed baby, etc. However, they are natural dust collectors, and the same cilia can trap and absorb floating particles and soot in the air.

(7) Sleep-aiding flowers

Lilac, jasmine, rose, violet, field chrysanthemum, mint, etc.. Therefore, these plants can make people relaxed, happy, conducive to sleep and improve work efficiency.

Key PointsWhat kind of flowers to grow indoors

L. Quickly remove the smell of the new house

If you want to get rid of the pungent smell of your new home as soon as possible, you can use light to irradiate the plants. Once the plants are illuminated by light, they are particularly vigorous. Photosynthesis is also enhanced, releasing several times more oxygen than under no light irradiation conditions.

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