Benefits of using fertilizer guns

Fertilizer application can apply fertilizer directly into the soil below the roots of crops, and the depth and amount of applied can adjusted.
Benefits of using fertilizer guns

A. Use of fertilizer gun

Fertilizer application can apply directly into the soil below the roots of crops, and the depth and amount of fertilizer applied can adjusted. It can save more than double the fertilizer than the current application method. Proper use can increase application speed by about 3-4 times and increase yield by more than 15%.

B. Advantages of using fertilizer gun

1.Fertilizer saving

It can save more than 50% of fertilizer usage. The crop yield will not reduced and the harm to the soil and crops caused by the waste of chemical will reduced.

2. Labor saving

Fertilizer can injected directly to the bottom of the root system without bending down and grubbing the soil. It not only reduces the volatilization of and loss with water, but also effectively avoids damage to capillary roots. Not only the utilization rate is high, but also the normal growth of crops will not be affected by the application.

3. Time saving

It is faster for one person to applywith gun than 3 people to apply by plowing pits, and the general application time is about 50 minutes per mu with fertilizer gun.

4. Minimal damage to mulch

If you spread the mulch and put the in a pit, you have to damage at least 100 square centimeters of mulch. The gun only damages 2 cm2 of mulch.

5. Reduce damage

Reduce the damage to the capillary root system of the crop. Because the crop absorbs nutrients mainly from the capillary roots, damaging them will have a direct impact on crop growth.

6. Modulate the amount of application

Tune the amount of applied and the crop release should be consistent.

7. Fertilization formula is easy to adjust

The first can be based on the crop growth condition, however, at any time according to the application of formula adjustment to ease the crop growth condition.

B. Control the depth of fertilizer application

Once the depth is adjusted, each seedling crop is put into at the same depth. The root system itself is fertilizer-oriented. After each application of to the bottom and outside of the root system, it can promote the root system to root down and grow outward. It effectively overcomes the disadvantage of creeping growth of the root system, and only deep roots can make the leaves lush and robust.

C. Yield increase

However, the gun can be used to apply in equal amounts and at equal depths and distances.and the water-soluble fertilizer is concentrated and properly positioned. Therefore, the crop grows evenly and the yield increase is very obvious.

Benefits of using fertilizer guns

D. Fertilizer used in gun

①Saving work

In order to truly save labor and time, chemical fertilizers that are extremely water-soluble must be used when using guns. Save labor due to soaking that is dissolving process when using other products

②Use of water-soluble

It is also recommended to use clear and non-sedimentable water-solublewhen injecting to avoid clogging of nozzles and uneven release of nutrients due to precipitation of the product.


It can adjust the growth of crops well through crop nutrition, and it is recommended to use fertilizers with more comprehensive nutrition

④Water soluble fertilizer

That is, long-acting water-soluble fertilizer 20-205-20+TE and 15-10-40+TE formula water-soluble fertilizer.

Benefits of using fertilizer guns

E. Application method

For example, about 15 eyes per tree, 700-800 pounds of water per mu. However, the concentration of solution is 3%, 100 pounds of water to 3 pounds of .The same average amount of water-soluble used per mu is 10KG. so use water-soluble , foliar spray. Better effect. Save more money. Higher yield.

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