Soil improvement materials

Firstly soil improvement is directed at the poor texture and structure of the soil. Secondly appropriate physical, biological or chemical measures are taken

Carrot fertilization techniques

Carrot isasemi-hardy vegetable, with similar temperature requirements as radish. Too much water, excessive above-ground growth, and even prone to root rot.

Benefits of using fertilizer guns

Fertilizer application can apply fertilizer directly into the soil below the roots of crops, and the depth and amount of applied can adjusted.

Sweet potato fertilization technology

The demand of sweet potato for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium varies according to the reproductive period.Sweet potato fertilization technology

Types of fertilizers for date palms

The date palm is a plant with a long life cycle, growing permanently in one place. Each year, growth and fruiting consume a certain amount of nutrients,

Advantages of water-soluble fertilizer

Compared with traditional varieties such as calcium superphosphate and granulated compound fertilizer, water-soluble fertilizer has obvious advantages.